Workshop in the  History of  Material Texts
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Unless otherwise noted all meetings are held at 5:15pm in the Class of 1978 Pavilion, in the Kislak Center for Special Collections on the 6th floor of the University of Pennsylvania's Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center.


Sept. 9: Zachary Lesser (Penn): "Ghosts, Holes, Rips and Scrapes: Bibliography in the Longue Durée"

Sept. 16: Joshua Kotin (Princeton): "The Shakespeare and Company Project"

Sept. 23: Jonathan Senchyne (Wisconsin): "American Book History’s Black Mirror: Peter Fleet and Isaiah Thomas"

Sept. 30: Erin Schoneveld (Haverford): "Shirakaba and Japanese Modernism: Art Magazines, Artistic Collectives, and the Early Avant-garde"

Oct. 7: Liza Blake (Toronto): "Margaret Cavendish's Books and Some Alternate Histories of Textual Bibliography"

Oct. 14: Daniel Jütte (NYU): "Hammering out the Reformation? Luther’s 95 Theses as a Material Text"

Oct. 21: Deidre Lynch (Harvard): "Charles Lamb’s Paperwork"
                    Peter Stallybrass (Penn): "Surviving Censorship: Fanny Hill and Overmarbled Printers’ Waste"

Oct. 28: David Kazanjian (Penn): "Documenting Dispossession in the 1690s"

Nov. 4: Joseph Howley (Columbia): "Enslaved labor and the ancient Roman book"

Nov. 11, 12, and 14: Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute), Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography: "Form and Style in the Transmission of Arabic and Greek Science and Philosophy to the Latin West"

Nov. 18: Nancy Farriss (Penn): "Christianity, Alphabetic Writing, and Indigenous Intellectuals in 16th- and 17th-century Mexico"

Nov. 25: Philip Mogen (Penn): "Recycling and Remaking Tudor and Early Stuart tracts during the British Civil Wars"

Dec. 2: Johanna Drucker (UCLA): "Alphabet Historiography: Bibliography and Modes of Knowledge Transmission"

Dec. 9: Kathryn James (Yale): "Imperfect: Bibliography, Natural History, and the Problem of Incomplete Knowledge"




Jan. 27: Jim Voelkel (Science History Institute)

Feb. 3: Paul Cobb (Penn)

Feb. 10: Aaron Pratt (UT-Austin)

Feb. 17: John Anderies (William Way LGBT Community Center)

Feb. 24: Nancy Vickers (Bryn Mawr)

Mar. 2: Deidre Lynch (Harvard)

Mar. 16, 17, and 19: Michael Suarez (UVA), Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography

Mar. 23: Geoffrey Day

Mar. 30: Robert Darnton (Harvard)

Apr. 6: Andrew Pettegree (St. Andrews) and Arthur der Weduwen (St. Andrews)

Apr. 13: Carlo Ginzburg (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)

Apr. 20: Lara Cohen (Swarthmore)

Apr. 27: Roger Chartier (Penn)